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Lamprey Mask is the fifth Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Lamprey Mask was part of an squadron who attacked an EAGLE warship, setting up upon it a powerful bomb that not merely would make the ship explode but cause a massive explosion to attack a large area when it went off. When Shinmei and Ooiwa discover that the bomb was set there and with lack of their own knowledge, the Gorenger attempt to transport Peggy to the site; but Lamprey Mask attacks Momorenger en-route, hurting her and making it harder for the Gorenger to defuse the bomb as the time continued to count down.

Despearate, Aorenger and Kirenger attack the Masked Monster, shooting out two of its eyes with Blue Cherry to get information, only to have it say they need to remove the red wire in order to stop the bomb. Knowing that it was lying, Shinmei worked with Kaijo after clearing away all teammates and EAGLE personnel to remove the threat by cutting the blue wire instead. With the bomb stopped, Lamprey Mask tries to use a torpedo to blow the bomb, but Akarenger and Midorenger prevent it from going too far. During a final confrontation with the Gorenger, Lamprey Mask tries to fire its eyes at Aorenger, but he uses a special magnet within his suit to prevent any shock while using Blue Cherry to destroy the remaining six eyes. Blinded, Lamprey Mask falls prey to the Gorenger Storm.

Modus and Arsenal

Lamprey Mask possesses a trident staff, with its greatest ability being the ability to fire one of its eye eyes from its head like a projectile.

Behind the Scenes

  • Lamprey Mask is the last "multi-episode" Masked Monster, being the last Masked Monster introduced in the episode prior to their usage.

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