...In a sea of fragments, if you ever disappoint me again, I will find the most miserable fragment and seal you there! You were miserable in the first place as a human, so it'll fit to send you to a really miserable world!
~ Lambdadelta

Lady Lambdadelta, also known as The Witch of Certainty, is an antagonist in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.



The Witch of Certainty

Lambdadelta appears as a little girl (about 12–15 years old). However, she has been alive for about a thousand years. She has short blonde hair, amber eyes and a somewhat alluring hat decorating her head. She wears a completely pink and elaborated outfit (hat, dress, stockings, shoes and red bows all over it), the only exception being her black long gloves. Then again she also wears a pumpkin accessory on her dress at the height of the waist.



Molesting Bernkastel

Since the very beginning, Lambdadelta seems to be very childish. She is hyperactive and prone to react badly to anything that doesn't go according to her plans. However, it has been revealed that she also possesses a deeper side of her personality. She embodies the concept of hard work and its rewards. Thus, she eventually grants wishes to humans who prove to be worthy of it. Despite that, she probably does so just to fight boredom. She is also characterized by her frivolous and lush romanticism, which she uses to molest Bernkastel.


The pieces on the board

Standing on a higher plane of existence than humans and most witches, Lambdadelta doesn't have a great concept of them. That is why she uses them as mere pieces to play "games" against Bernkastel. From this viewpoint, she isn't particularly evil or wicked, just disregarding for human life which she considers ultimately unworthy.


  • Bernkastel - friend, rival, lover
  • Beatrice - sponsor, witch guardian of
  • Battler - sponsor



Evil plans

She originally held the title of the most powerful witch in the universe, that is, until Bernkastel, (whom she has feelings for), took the title from her. Her goal is to "trap" Bernkastel by making the game between Battler Ushiromiya and Beatrice last for eternity. Thus, allowing her to continue the game with her and the "cruelest witch". She also possessess the ability of "major of certainty", which allows her to kill anyone with absolute result.



  • She is very similar to Miyo Takano from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in appearance, personality, and goals. This is likely simply a reference to Higurashi, because the events of Higurashi precede those of Umineko by three years (Higurashi taking place in 1983; Umineko in 1986), and she is said to have lived for a thousand years.
    • Another similarity would be her name "Lambdadelta" (λδ) which represents thirty-four when using Greek numerals and "Miyo" (三四) can be translated as "three, four" in Japanese, strengthening their connection. In addition, Shannon's real name "Sayo" has a similar lecture to the compound 三四.
    • The "game" she played with Bernkastel may be the battle that took place in the world of Higurashi with the battle between Rika and Takano being the purpose of the game. However, in both the sound novels and in an interview with Ryukishi07, not only did Lambdadelta not finish reading Higurashi by the time Bernkastel offered to spoil the ending, Ryukishi07 stated that her similarity to Takano was nothing more than a red herring used to throw off readers who read Higurashi first.
    • In Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa, it is heavily implied however that she set the story of Higurashi in motion by granting with certainty Takano's wish to become a god which would explain why Bernkastel always says that she was trapped in a witch's game which was most likely Lambdadelta's certainty.
    • Also in Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Tsubasa it shows a scene that is implied to be Lambdadelta granting Yasu's wish to become a witch. This is even more heavily implied when the game says that a boy is also called a witch and that asking to be a witch implies nothing about this "person's" gender, suggesting that the person is Yasu and the writer still has not disclosed what Yasu's gender is.
  • She shares the same distinctive laugh as Satoko Houjou from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, and also as the same penchant for making traps.
    • Lambdadelta's link to Satoko Houjou is strengthened in Twilight of the Golden Witch, when the pie riddle that stumped Satoko in Higurashi was said by Bernkastel to have been failed by Lambdadelta.


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