As seen in the episode, "Dee Dee's Rival".

Oh please, maim. Call me... Lavavava!
~ Lavavava

Olga "Lalavava" Astronomonov, also known as Lala Fafa, is the younger sister of Mandark and a one-time antagonist in Dexter's Laboratory. Mandark's sister is 8 years old and was the second in line of the evil children of the hippy pacifists - albeit she is the little-known one.

Like her brother Mandark, Lalavava was voiced by Eddie Deezen with a slightly high-pitched voice.


She made her debut, and only appearance, in the episode Dee Dee's Rival as a major enemy to Dee Dee, much in the same way as Mandark is to Dexter. In fact, she is designed in a way to parallel this role. While Dexter is short with a tall, lanky sister, Mandark is tall with a short sister about the same height as Dexter. However, unlike Dee Dee, she is not an quite so ditzzy and Mandark fears her. This is very similar to how Gaz is depicted on Invader ZIM.

After competing with Dee Dee as the ultimate ballerina of their ballet school, most notably in their stage performance where both of them used giant robots created by their brothers, Lalavava eventually became friends with her. They called it to truce after a fellow ballerina who was unintentionally tormented by the girls' robots' tricks on the stage, garnered the audience's admiration. Dee Dee and Lalavava instead went to the mall while both agreeing that science is lame.


  • Unlike their brother's, Lalavava and Dee Dee end up becoming friends.
  • Lalavava and her brother Mandark look very similar - in contrast to Dexter and Dee Dee.