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The Lake Blob is the main villain in Stephen King's The Raft and Creepshow 2's second story. It is an oil slick-like creature which is first seen consuming a duck as four teenagers swim towards an abandoned raft. As the blob swims towards the raft, it consumes Rachel in front of the other, horrified teens. It isn't long until Deke is also claimed by the monster as it catches him from under the raft. Randy and Laverne are the only two left on the raft. The next morning, Randy finds the oil creature catching and consuming Laverne in front of the horrified Randy, who sees his chance to escape towards the car on shore. Having made it to shore, Randy tells the Lake Blob "I beat you, whatever you are, I beat you!".

However, the creature rises up from the water like a wave and engulfs Randy. The oil creature then swims back to the lake with no evidence of the four teens ever visiting the lake except their car, which was left running the whole time. The camera then points to a "No Swimming" sign barely visible from behind some growth.

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