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Lahabrea is a villain in Final Fantasy XIV. He is an Ascian who is the main antagonist of the A Realm Reborn story and a major antagonist in Heavensward.

In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Shuichi Ikeda. In the English version, he is voiced by Kyle Hebert before the release of Heavensward, and Alec Newman after the release of the expansion.


Lahabrea is first seen watching the Eorzean Alliance leaders during the Battle of Carteneau. The Adventurer encounters him in a vision from Hydaelyn, and then in a dungeon outside of the vision.

After the Adventurer defeats Titan, Y'shtola finds Lahabrea siding with the Garlean Empire. Lahabrea faces the Adventurer during the attempt to get Cid's airship. Following Garuda's defeat, he demonstrated the power of Gaius van Baelsar's Ultima Weapon by consuming the Primals.

During the escape from the Garlean fortress in Mor Dhona, it is revealed that Lahabrea possessed Thancred. In the final battle, he explains his goal to destroy Hydaelyn. He fights the Adventurer but is defeated, and loses possession of Thancred.

Even though he is defeated, he appears in the void with other Ascians discussing the return of Zodiark. Later, he and Elidibus are seen with Archbishop Thordan VII, as they seem to manipulate him.

In Azys Lla, he and Igeyorhm fights the Adventurer together and combined as Ascian Prime, but they are defeated, and Igeyorhm is destroyed by the Adventurer using White Auracite and Nidhogg's left eye. As Archbishop Thordan VII and the Heavens' Ward appears, Lahabrea discovers that he is a pawn of the Archbishop. After Thordan transforms into the Primal King Thordan, he kills Lahabrea.


  • His name is based on a scion of light in Ivalice of the same name, which is the counterpart of the esper Mateus.

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