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The Lagoon Company is the titular Black Lagoon of the manga/anime. It's members consists of:

  • Rock, a former salaryman of Asahi Industries who got kidnapped and later becomes a newcomer of the group.
  • Revy, a Chinese-American thug who works as the primary gunslinger.
  • Dutch, an African-American veteran of the Vietnam War who went AWOL and serves as the captain of the company.
  • Benny, a mechanic who works as the techincal expert and the boat's radar operator.

Members overview


Rock (full name: Rokuro Okajima) is the main male protagonist of the series. He was working for the Asahi Industries as a salaryman until he was taken hostage by the crew of Black Lagoon. As an unwilling participant of the smuggling operation, he joins the company after his department chief, Kageyama, declared him as deceased.


Revy (full name: Rebecca) is the main female protagonist of the series. Very little is revealed about her past, but flashbacks explores about her spending most of her youth being a thief and murderer. As a gunslinger of the company, her main weapons are a pair of modified Beretta M92s.


Dutch is the captain and leader of the company. He is a former marine of the Vietnam War before he went AWOL to work as a mercenacy. He usually gives orders and negoitations with clients, but is also capable in combat, wielding a Remington 870 Marine Magnum shotgun and a Smith & Wesson 629 revolver, which are his main weapons.


Benny is a college dropout who had gotten into trouble with the FBI and the mafia, and would've ended up dead had Revy not saved him. He also works as the company's mechanic, computer specialist, and researcher. He also functions as the driver of his car, 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T (later replaced with a 1965 Pontiac GTO), which the group used to travel around Roanpur in.