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Lady Shiva is a deadly assasin and an enemy of Batman. She is also a grandmaster at martial arts and in league with Ra's al Ghul. Shiva is a friend, master and a major rival of Black Canary and is one of the most skilled combatants in DC universe.

She is also an occasional ally to Batman at times. Shiva can read body languages and can predict what is her opponent's next move and loves the thrills of combat.


Other Media

Batman Arkham Origins

Main article: Lady Shiva (Arkhamverse)

Along with a group of the world's greatest assassins, Shiva was hired by Black Mask to assassinate the Batman. She instead, by the whim of her master, Ra's, tested Batman by leading him to a hostage with two groups of her ninjas nearby. Batman saved the hostage, defeated the ninjas and headed to Wonder Tower by Shiva's trail. There, Batman faces a ninja backed up Shiva herself where she escapes after being defeated, stating he is as good as her master said he was.

Beware the Batman

Shiva is one of the major antagonists of the cartoon with heavy influence on the story. Her main goal was to recover a magical sword the Soultaker. She sent Silver Monkey after that weapon, but decided to kill him after he choosed to take the sword for himself.





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