Lady Redundant Woman

Lady Redundant Woman

Lady Redundant Woman is a villainss in the educational PBS cartoon show WordGirl.

Character Description

She was once an ordinary human by the name of Beatrice Bixby. She is a copy machine employee who works at the City's copy machine shop. She is envious of the kind-hearted manager Dave, and yearns for the day that she gets rid of him, and becomes the manager of the shop. She also has an obsession with one copying machine, and often calls it her baby. She then notices a strange button on the copying machine, and clicks it. The result fused her and the copying machine, and this creates Lady Redundant Woman. She has the ability to create copies of herself, which she does by pressing her nose.

When she presses her nose a second time, the copy disappears. She also has the ability to copy a person by consuming a picture of that person, and clicking on her nose. This ability is shown in one episode when she made a replica of WordGirl that was dubbed Evil Malicious WordGirl. And, much like her creator, she spoke redundantly. She then used the clone to steal all of the thesauruses in the city. She can also cause a copy to come to life by scanning a picture with her eyes.

However, her weakness is that the ink cartridges on her back can be removed, and this weakens her copies. The copies can also be blown away or destroyed with water, thus reverting them back into copying paper. It's also been shown that some of her copies possess their own personality.

This was shown when one of her many copies, Dupey, fell in love with the Butcher, though it didn't work out since she was a vegetarian. Whenever she's beaten, she's easily forgiven by Dave. She is also assumed to be an insomniac since she is so far the only character that has rings around her eyes.

Powers and Abilities

It has been shown that she has ink cartridges in her back that, if removed, disable her ability to produce another copy, and that her copies are weaker as her ink supply runs low. To create a copy she must press her nose, so in prison she is kept from making duplicates by placing a locked guard over her nose (Return of the Reprise of Lady Redundant Woman). She also can make a copy disappear by pressing her nose again.

In addition to her copying ability, she has a tendency to be extremely redundant, saying for example that something might be "priceless, rare, and certainly not cheap." Her purpose in the show may be dually to teach synonyms and also to show children to be concise and not redundant.

In the episode, "The Young and the Meatless," one of her duplicates falls in love with The Butcher while Lady Redundant Woman herself does not, showing that the duplicates seem to have some degree of their own personality.

When Word Girl defeats her copies, they vanish in a burst of copy paper. It should also be noted that when exposed to water, the copies turn back into paper after flickering for a matter of seconds.

Lady Redundant Woman can also make copies of a picture when scanning it with her eyes. The catch is that the copied picture comes to life. The Royal Dandy is one example of that. Just like her copies, the Royal Dandy disappears into a piece of paper.


  • Lady Redundant Woman is voiced by Grey DeLisle.