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Lady Kale (or just Kale) is the principal antagonist of the animated series Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. Kale is a power-hungry evil sorceress who is an aunt of the show's protagonist Gwenevere (Starla in an alternative version).

Kale is the power hungry aunt of Gwenevere and was deemed unworthy by Merlin to wield the magic of Sun Stone and become the queen of Avalon. Her sister Anya was chosen instead, which made Kale angry and jealous. Blaming Merlin, she dedicated her life to seeking revenge upon him and usurping the throne. Banished from New Camelot, Kale still calls herself a princess even though she is now an outlaw based in the dark Thornwoods castle. Using the powerful Dark Stone, Kale has vowed to control the wild magic and rule Avalon forever. She is aided by her big dragon named Grimm and a duo of small creatures named Rufus and Twig.


Kale is a 5' 11 (180cm) tall, attractive woman with tanned skin, long jet-black hair, and violet eyes. Her costumes are mostly red-and-pink colored, with purple elements, and her main outfit is a jewel armor with thigh boots, long cape, and a dragon-motif helmet. Her Dark Stone is a four-pronged crystal.

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