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Lady Chaos is an alter-ego of Marvel comic's Death, seen only in the Silver Surfer cartoon series and she is redesigned to keep the show more "family-friendly" but in-universe can be explained as being another aspect of Death (much like Oblivion).

Just as mainstream Thanos is madly in love with Death so the version of Thanos found in this cartoon is a devoted servant to Lady Chaos.


As Natasha strolled along the empty path, unseasonable warm winds whipping the long, blonde wig she’d elected to wear, around her face, she wondered if maybe she’d have done what she’d just walked away from if she had never joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Avengers. The Soviet intelligences that she’d sworn fealty to had always had it in for anything that wasn't red enough, certainly. But Natasha had been taught to respect her enemies back then—that they were a necessary evil. It had been growing in profundity since the beginning of the previous year, and had come to a sort of head in November. For someone who’d seen nations rise and fall and pick themselves up again. This wasn’t a case where she could stand to cut her losses and settle for crippling. Hell, it wasn’t a case where cutting off the head and hoping that the body would die would suffice.

Powers / Abilities

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  • Her name could be a mix of her feminine traits in the comics ("Lady Death" or "Mistress Death") as well as the destructive qualities of Oblivion : it is also (out of universe) used to avoid the term "Death" in what was considered a "kid's show" at the time.
  • Her fiery visage is quite similar to Dormammu but has a more spectral feel, fitting as an alter-ego of Death itself.