Lady Blue hq
The Stag may be the king, but Scarface holds the power. No-one could better him!
~ Lady Blue when she meets Vixen in "Winter"
Me? What are you thinking of? I am no common red fox used to brawling. I am Lady Blue, mate to Scarface.
~ Lady Blue

Lady Blue is a vixen who appears in the book and TV series, The Animals of Farthing Wood. She is the secondary antagonist of the second series of the TV series. In all incarnations of The Animals of Farthing Wood, she is the mate of Scarface and like him she is a red vixen in the books but is a blue one in the TV series.

Her role in the books is very minor as she does not get involved in the feud between her mate and the Farthing Wood animals. In the TV series however, she is just as threatening to them as Scarface is, regarding Fox and Vixen as "common" and attacking Vixen in order to trigger an attack on them from her mate. Like the majority of the blue foxes, Lady Blue disappears after the second series.