Lady-X was an antagonist in Gotham Girls.

She is a enigmatic criminal that copied crimes from other criminals. This caught the attention of not only Batgirl but Poison IvyCatwoman, and Harley Quinn. Lady-X took the mayor's wife and held her hostage with a pie. She later stole the Cat's Paw Opal before Catwoman could. To cover her escape, Lady-X started a fire in the Cloyster Woods. Her rise to crime were covered in the newspaper headlines. Catwoman tracked Lady-X to Tower Top Gym and brought  Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn for help. Poison Ivy used her plant seeds to climb up the building. As the three climb up the vines, they were followed by Batgirl.

The four of them met Lady-X in a steam bath but she quickly escapes. Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn chased her throughout the hallway and corned Lady-X. They were unsuccessful at first due to her above average strength and ability to shoot laser beams from her eyes. The four teamed and managed to stop Lady-X by pinning her down under a pile of dumbbells.

Lady-X was arrested by the police and the story of her capture was released in the Gotham Times newspapers.