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Do you even know where babies come from, Tommy?
~ Labby to Tommy
Labby is the main antagonist of the critically panned 2012 animated horror anthology film, Where the Dead Go to Die. He is a demonic dog that haunts and convinces a block of children to participate in hellish rituals and acts while transporting them to different dimensions and times.

He was voiced by the film's director and writer, Jimmy ScreamerClauz.


Labby seems to be the only being of intelligence in a world of idiots, as everyone around him is intellectually inept. Labby takes advantage of this by manipulating those around him, especially children, into sick and evil acts. He seems to thrive on demonic energy and pratices, as he gains satisfation from acts such as murder, necrophilia, beastiality, rape, drug abuse, physical and mental torture, defiling corpses, and participation in Satanic rituals.

Villainous Acts

  • Talks to a young boy into murdering his own parents, then assists him in doing so.
  • Rips a fetus out of a pregnant woman.
  • Partakes in bestiality with an underage boy.
  • Convinces a boy into a necrophiliac relation with his dead mother.
  • Summons gates to Hell and back.
  • Mentally torments a junkie.
  • Helps a boy make advances on an underage girl.
  • Rips off a man's limbs and genitals.


Labby appears as a very large Black Labrador with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth.


  • In a commentary, Jimmy ScreamerClauz noted that he was high on pot cookies while making the film.
  • The movie was named the worst animated movie of all time by AniMat of Electric Dragon Productions.
  • Labby is considered one of the most evil and frightening characters in all of fiction, rivaling the likes of Cthulhu and Slenderman.
  • Labby is considered a prototype (or even inspiration) for Mr. Pickles, another demonic dog associated with extremely controversial media.




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