HEEEEheheHEE! I'm quite furious that those evil fuzzles would try to mimic my hair-do, so I've made it a personal mission to eradicate them. See if you can beat my score! If you do, I'll give you this nice commemorative coin, and promise not to zap you into oblivion!"
~ The Lab Ray Scientist

The Lab Ray Scientist, also known as the Mad Lab Ray Scientist, is an insane Scorchio scientist who invented the Lab Ray, which can change the stats, gender, colour, and species of a Neopet randomly. He is a Mad Scientist who appeared on Neopets as a Neopets villain.

The Lab Ray Scientist is a challenger in the Battledome who is particularly valued due to the fact he uses a Strange Potion as a weapon, which can change the gender of the user's battling Neopet.

The Lab Ray Scientist has been a contestant on Better Than You three times.



  • On October 20, 2007, the Lab Ray Scientist began to star in his own Mini-Show on Neovision, where he zapped a Blue Blumaroo on every episode with random results.
  • The Lab Ray Scientist How To Draw tutorial was added March 15, 2008.