La Viuda (The Widow in English or The Widow in Black) is name of an chilean spirit who still roams the lonely mines and path in chile.


Legend has it that the Widow went mad with grief and anger, and always have fear that when traveling solitary by some way in the nights, an encounter with the fateful Widow takes place. For this reason, they are always careful to ensure that the figure of a woman who is said to be wearing a black dress that covers her completely does not appear on the road; and to which you can not see the face or any part of the body until you are very close to it, and it is too late to escape.

Even so, these men are lucky to be alive; unlike the unfortunates who find her on lonely roads, when she is again fulfilling her revenge.

In recent times it is also said that the Widow would also climb on cars, which are driven by lonely men, especially if they have some alcohol in their blood.


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