La Sombra is a character who briefly appeared in flashback in the hour long Hey Arnold! episode "The Journal" and will be the main antagonist in the upcoming TV film Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. He is a river pirate who sought to steal the Corazon (a valuable ancient artifact) from the Green-Eyed People tribe and was successful until Miles and Stella Shortman stole it away from him. His quest to retrieve the stone and punish Miles and Stella for their interference was to lure them back to San Lorenzo somehow (through their friend Eduardo, who may or may not be La Sombra out of disguise) through the pretense that the Green-Eyes were dying of the sleeping sickness again and cause them to be stuck there for about nine to ten years away from their son Arnold. It's said that when Arnold and his friends go to San Lorenzo on a class trip, he'll try to trick Arnold into unwittingly helping him.

La Sombra's original voice actor in "The Journal" is unknown and will be voiced by Alfred Molina in The Jungle Movie, who also portrayed Maxim Horvath and Doctor Octopus.





  • Much like Percival C. McLeach, he is a dark villain in a light adventure setting in a sequel that is set more in a more serious nature than the predecessor, Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck.
  • When it was confirmed that Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie was cancelled due the poorly reception of Hey Arnold! The Movie, many fans got upset, because nobody knew what would have happened (including the fate of both Arnold's parents and La Sombra). But years later, it was finally revealed that the movie will be on television in 2017.