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La Llorona (real name: Yoltzin) is the titular main antagonist of 2011 Mexican sequel film "La Leyenda de la Llorona". Though she was based on legendary ghost of the same name, she had more symphatetic backstory as she lost her children in an accident rather than killing them herself, and her kidnappings on childrens stemmed from her wish to reunited wuth their souls and finding peace that she lost.


Decades ago, Yoltzin was used to be a honest and hardworking mother who lived with her children Tonatiuh and Ollin. Everyone in Xochimilco loved her thanks to her generosity and kindness. It's also known that she sells flowers that she cultivated in her chinampa to support her family.

But one day, a tragedy struck where when she and her children went home to find their house on fire. Yoltzin jumped off the boat, desperate to save the house, but forgot her kids on the boat, which drifted away with them still on board. When she realized that it was too late and they disappeared without a trace. Villagers helped her searching for the kids. Days later, though, Ollin and Tonatiuh were found dead near a channel due to starvation. Yoltzin didn't accept her children's death, and is maddened with grief and remorse for their untimely death. Yoltzin's unbearable depression eventually stripped her from her will to move on and survive, contributing her later death.

Yoltzin's grief however, take a toll on her fractured soul that she unable to enter the afterlife: The villagers started to hear her ghostly moans. Yoltzin had become La Llorona, a specter who came out at night to kidnap children, though with no intent to harm them; rather, she seemed to want to take care of them, maybe to make up for failing to take care of her own children. But nevertheless, her actions attract Father Godofredo's attention to sent Leo San Juan and his supernatural co. to stop her.


La Leyenda de la Nahuala

Leo and his friends, after the defeat of the demon of the Nahuala, just for the day of the dead, receives the visit of the ghost of Fray Godofredo, to warn him about a mission to stop the weeping wing that terrifies Xochimilco, at that moment leaves immediately to the aerostatic balloon of the friar, undertaking the journey immediately and before presenting the credits he hears the trembling cry of La Llorona.

La Leyenda De La Llorona

Present Day

Leo, whom accidently separated by his friends and saved by Kika and her mother, learned La Llorona's painful past as human prior to her children's demise. Her unbearable sorrow and madness by the grief anchored her soul to the land of the living, and the said sorrow and madness drove her to constantly kidnapped children she encountered to make up of her loss and killed anyone who stood on her path. Now knows what to do, Leo set out to find Tonatiuh and Ollin's graves that missing as result of the flood in hopes to reunites their soul with her mother.

When searching for their graves, Kika unexpectedly comes along against her mother and his wishes because she wanted to find her brother Beto, the latest victim, from La Llorona. Just then, the heard La Llorona's anguish wailing and realizes that the wandering spirit was nearby. Unfortunately, La Llorona snatched Kika away.

The Rescue

With aid of his allies who sjowed up later, and a ghost girl named Theodora whom he met in events of previous film, they found where La Llorona's lair and had Theodora distract La Llorona as the rest evacuated the kidnapped children. He has uncovered the catacomb complex where Tonatiuh and Ollin's remains rest and had to find which casket that contain their bodies. Unfortunately, La Llorona sees through Theodora's deception and quickly run for Leo. Discovered that he has evacuated the kids, she attacked him and Kika just as he found Tonatiuh and Ollin's remains and nearly killed them.

Redemption and Afterlife

When the hope seems lost with Kika and Leo dying, La Llorona prepared for delivering the final blow before she suddenly hestitates: The sight of them dying eerily similar back when she found her children's dead bodies and went undergo a mental breakdown, horrified with what she just did. As sadness filled her heart once more, the whole area unexpectedly shined in white light, and to her joy, spirits of Tonatiuh and Ollin appeared for her and comforted their mother. With this, La Llorona revert to Yoltzin, a caring mother she originally was and find the peace that she has lost, no longer anchored to the land of the living. Realizing that Leo and Kika actually meant to help her, she resusciated them and thanked them before went for afterlife, but not before left the gate opened long enough for spirit of Leo's mother temporarily entered the mortal realm to reunites with her son as gratitude for his noble actions.

La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanjuato

She is mentioned for a few moments by the protagonists and appears briefly in a flashback.



  • At the end of the movie La Leyenda de la Nahuala, he can hear their screams of lament.
  • Can be seen a small cameo of it in the first teasers of the movie "La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato", commenting on the current state photo from Teodora.
  • This is the only version of La Llorona in which he finally finds her children during the animated adaptation.
  • It is also the only villain in the franchise, who leaves behind his antagonistic role and becomes good.
    • Nevertheless in the fourth film La Leyenda del Chupacabras, the creature turned out not to be the real villain, since the reason for which it caused fear and disasters. Was for finding his family captured by the Merolick the ringmaster and shaman.


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