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La Chilindrina (María Antonieta de las Nieves), daughter of Don Ramón. "Precocious" is probably the best way to
describe Don Ramón's intelligent and mischievous daughter, who likes to take advantage of her slow-witted friends to play pranks on them and take their toys or snacks. She wears thick-framed glasses, after a few years her wardrobe consisted of a short green-pattern dress and a red sweater that was always twisted on the back. She has freckles and two ponytails that are always uneven, one significantly higher than the other one, just like her socks. "Chilindrina" is the name of a typical Mexican bun, with chocolate sparkles on top, reminiscent of the character's freckles. In early episodes, La Chilindrina has longer ponytails which are cut by El Chavo. In most episodes, she is seen to have a crush on Chavo, and can be jealous when he's seen by Paty.

In Brazil its name was changed to Chiquinha.

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