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LaVerne "Jukebox" Thomas is the tertiary antagonist in season 3 of the Starz TV series Power. She is a corrupt cop and the cousin of drug dealer and street thug Kanan.

She is portrayed by Anika Noni Rose.


LaVerne Thomas, who goes by the street name Jukebox, who knows Ghost from back in the neighborhood. She’s ruthless and runs a side business, which includes using young punks to pull armed robberies. She’s not above taking lives.She also got a girlfriend at her place, who looks like she takes care of the household, and Jukebox. Jukebox has had been very close with Kanan since they were kids and has always been able to trust. She revealed how Kanan was the first person she revealed her sexuality to (how she is a lesbian), while Kanan was also very comfortable sharing intimate details about himself with her.

Season 3

She first appears as she she foils a robbery in a drugstore and openly kills both the robber and the clueless clerk. The police officer then returns to her home to a waiting girlfriend. She’s also got a temporary house guest, Kanan. He’s recovering from a showdown with Ghost and was turned to a crisp, with a stapled-together gut, but alive and humbled. He and Jukebox go way back and she owes him for getting her out of her family home when it became necessary.

Kanan had to be deprived of pain meds to tell his cousin the whole story of how he ended up in this state, including murdering his own son. Shawn picked Ghost over him, then Ghost left Kanan for dead. How he got out of that fire, without losing all his blood in the process is still a mystery, but he’s got revenge on this mind and now he’s got help.

Jukebox told Kanan that his son had to go if he was disloyal and that Ghost has it coming. She’s got some new job coming up and Kanan wants in, but that won’t happen, according to Jukebox until he’s fully recovered. After Kanan and a couple of thugs rob a jewelry store, Jukebox advises Kanan to use Ghost for his own purposes and then kill him.

Jukebox appears later as Kanan is bonding with Ghost's son Tariq and tests him to see if he is loyal to them, which he passes. Jukebox then advises his cousin to kill the boy. In order to lure Ghost out, they later drug Tariq and then text a picture of him to Ghost's wife Tasha demanding a ransom for their son's life.