Alien 6

LLWO is one of the Seven Apostles, ranked sixth. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.


LLWO's appearance is of a young man with dark complexion, silvery-white hair and pale green pupils. One unusual feature of LLWO is a black lightning-bolt shaped streak of hair that goes from the back of his hair to the other side.

His main weapon is a bow which utilizes a special kind of ammunition, which is attached to his trousers.

In battle, he can be considered as an all-rounder, with strong points in long-distance attacks and in melee combats alike.

LLWO, for some reason, appears to have certain feelings for MEFE.

Manga appearance

LLWO is first seen at MEFE's death scene, screaming and hugging her dead body. Although he was hunting down BRS for revenge, he was stopped dumb-founded when she managed to convince him that WRS had ordered MEFE's death. (Which may have been a lie; as it is never specified that WRS sent her out knowing she would be killed.) He is last seen in the boiler room that provides power to WRS "Grateful Sun Ray," and it can be assumed he died blowing up the boiler room.

Battle Skills

  • Mental Concentration Shadow - Boosts his Speed stats tenfold.
  • Formula break brigade Eakosoka - LLWO stands far away from his opponent and leaps into the air. He fires five energy balls that targets his opponent's position.


  • He based with Robin Hood.
  • LLWO's name (Lirio) means "Lily" in Spanish.
  • He has a scar on the right side of his torso, presumably from an earlier battle.
  • LLWO's boss battle and suicide takes place in Fuji Jukai, a forest in Japan well known for being a place where people go to commit suicide.
  • Due to the fact that he has a lightning bolt streak in his hair, and uses lightning to commit suicide after his defeat, it is speculated that he may have some power over lightning.
  • The ammunition for his bow is a type of poison bullet.
  • LLWO seems to have a strong, silent personality, save for around MEFE, when he will openly show that he loves her.
  • When confronting BRS in his boss battle, he appeared to be acting arbitrarily, on impulse and without thinking through his decision.



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