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LG Algae (also known as Pond Scum) is the villain of The Angry Beavers episode Pond Scum.

While Norbert first met Pond Scum while he step on him and Pond Scum ask Nobert to hang out with him for a while to pick on anyone (like injuring Big Rabbit by collapsing his house, having a mad bull loose, having a milk truck get into an accident). Then Pond Scum starts possessing Norbert into doing bad things, and Daggett must do something to save Norbert from that Pond Scum. Later, Pond Scum falls out of Nobert's possession and Pond Scum falls into the waterfall and splat.


LG Algae is a wicked Pond Scum who is known to possess anyone by going inside their head and do bad things.


  • Ive had enough of you mayor McSquare.
  • Scram el Square issimo

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