Kyrie Illunis (キリエ・イルニス, Kirie Irunisu) is the male protagonist of the anime, manga, and game series Sands of Destruction. He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.



Kyrie is a young man living in a village located in the Spring Continent called Barni village. He live together with his uncle who runs a Pubs there. He was invited by Morte to join the World Destruction Committee when he was captured and sent into a dungeon after he activate his power as the Destruction Code for the first time within the series.


Kyrie is the second person who joins the World Destruction Committee. Losing all of his memories as the Destruct Code, he disguised himself as a feline feral and works at a feral restaurant.

It was later revealed in the end of the series that he is the Destruct Code himself.