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“This won't do, Asada-san. You can't betray me. Only I can save Asada-san, so you can't look at other guys.”
~ Kyouji Shinkawa to Shino Asada

Kyouji Shinkawa is a major antagonist in Sword Art Online Season II. Kyouiji is, along with his brother Shoichi, a player of the MMOFPS Gun Gale Online, owner of the avatar "Speigel", though at one point he controls his brother's avatar known as "Sterben", armed with a weapon known as the "Death Gun", a Type-54 pistol said to be able to kill players in the game in real life. Using the "Death Gun" Shoichi and Kyouji intend to become a legend in GGO, and well as take revenge on XeXceed, a player tricked Kyouji into focusing on leveling the agility stats when strength was a better stat to focus on in the long run.

In truth, the "Death Gun" cannot kill from within a game. Instead one of the brothers kills the player in game, while another sneaks into the opposing player's house, located by covertly reading login data for a multiplayer tournament, and poisons them. It is later discovered that Kyouji is obsessed with a girl named Shino Asada, and threatens to kill her and then commit suicide when she refuses his advances. Because of this, Kyouji can be considered a relatively rare male example of the yandere character archetype.

In the end, he and his brother are defeated and arrested. They have not been seen since but it is mentioned that they are attending rehabilitation services.