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Kyouhei Kannazuki is the Vice Vommander of the Fraxinus Aircraft. Thus he usually comes in contact with Shido, and is regularly featured with the other crew members of Fraxinus as assistants on Shido's missions to save the Spirits. He has been a member of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in the past. He also was responsible for the torture of many Wizards in the past.

He is voiced by Koyasu Takehito.


Kyouhei is a man in his late 20 years old, though he still looks quite young. He has long blonde hair, light brown eyes. He wears a white suit with black outlines and blue covering some parts. He wears a black shirt underneath and a silver-white tie as well. A black belt can be seen on his waist. He dresses like a butler of the future, and on some occasions he wears toothpick.


Kyohei is a good man with elegant manners, he is like a butler or an aristocrat, however, he is incredibly dumb and stupid, but despite being an incompetent he is a man of confidence which was entrusted to him as the second commander of Fraxinus. He is obsessed with Kotori, he has perverted thoughts or maybe even the same sex, it can be said that Kyouhei is a pedophile, he is often punished by Kotori for his actions, but he seems to love any kind of punishment coming from her, he is also a sadomasochist. He proved to be useful only during the events of the arc of Yamai Sisters, during his battle against James A. Paddington, he is very intelligent and agile military in critical moments, always acting like it was something simple even when facing death.

Japan Ground Self-Defense History

Ryouko Kusakabe mentioned that Kyouhei (his name was not included in that mention but implied) was the AST's captain when Ryouko, the current captain, just joined. He kept the AST in line with unusual punishments whenever they stepped out of line; first timers had to cosplay for a day, second timers had to step on him on top of having to cosplay, and so on. However, he was well-respected due to his skills with Realizers. He left the AST to find a suitable master to serve, and joined Ratatoskr later, though he stated that he wanted to be reinstalled in the AST if he was ever to return.

Powers and Abilities

Kyouhei has shown to have the ability to control a large number of Realizers with ease. Despite seemingly being an idiot and incompetent he has a great capacity for strategic movements of war. Kyouhei is in truth a very intelligent man, he was one of the best military strategists during his time on JGSDF.



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