Kyoji Murakami is the head of Smart Brain and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider 555. He possesses the ability to transform into the Rose Orphnoch.

He was portrayed by Katsuyuki Murai.


Murakami seized control of Smart Brain after Eiichi Toda's death, enlisting Lucky Clover to carry out his plans. However, Hanagata retakes Smart Brain and ousts Murakami from the company, giving control to Yuji Kiba.

Murakami soon learns that Teruo Suzuki is the host of the Orphnoch King. Murakami attempted to abduct Teruo, causing him to come into conflict with the Riders. Injured and barely escaping their attacks, Murakami sacrifices his life to Teruo in order to awaken the Arch Orphnoch, correcting its genetic instability.

Paradise Lost

In the alternate conclusion shown in the SIC Hero Saga, Kamen Rider 555: Lost World, Murakami hatches a plan which is to turn the whole Earth populations into Orphnochs by dispersing the blue-colored flower petals. He also had created the Riotrooper V2 Gear which he used in combat. Armed with the Faiz Edge, he quickly battles Delta and Kaixa. Both of them smashes his helmet, revealing the face of Rose Orphnoch. With Kaixa and Delta can’t stand up to the Riotrooper V2, they run away with Mari. But then Kusaka grabs Mihara and tosses him back at Murakami, saying that he deserves it for daring to send roses to his beloved woman. Mihara screams that it’s a misunderstanding, and for Kusaka to help him, but Kusaka just sneers and a blue petal lands on his outstretched hand, turning him to ash.

Faiz arrives on the scene and runs into Murakami, now in Rose Orphenoch form as the Riotrooper V2 Gear was badly damaged. Murakami uses Delta’s mission memory to power up a Faiz Edge he had and they fight a bit. Mari then shows up and tosses Faiz the Faiz Blaster. Murakami curses her; He was hanging around the area because he was looking for it. Faiz assumes Blaster Form, and use the Photon Field Floater to cut off Murakami’s head, and goes home.

Murakami’s head is rolling about when the Lion Orphnoch picks it up. Murakami asks him to bring him back to the Smart Brain headquarters, and to recover Delta’s belt at the same time; They’ll be using it to make the “Emperor’s Belts”. The Lion Orphnoch, seemingly a foreigner, speaking in broken Japanese, says that he’ll do so on the condition that he gets one of the belts; Murakami promises him the belt of the sky, the Psyga Driver.

His head is kept alive in a tank with Smart Lady moves him. While trying to find an ideal user for The Emperor Belt, he realized that Yuji Kiba is the perfect Orphenoch for this and orders Smart Lady to disguise as Mari in order to brainwashes him.

With Kiba was proven equally matched with Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form, he unleashes Elasmotherium Orphnoch to finishes Faiz but however it failed as Orga sacrifices himself to protect Faiz and Mari.

He was smashed by Smart Lady under orders for his failure in the end. He never had the chance to turn into a 'Rose Head' Orphnoch, dying with a loud scream.


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