Kyoichi Sudo

Kyoichi Sudo a racer from Initial D 2nd stage and the main antagonist of the series.


Kyoichi is the same as Ryosuke Takahashi, normally calm and cool until he knows he should get serious.


Kyoichi drives a black Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR with a customized muffler complete with a "misfiring system" in addition to his own Emperor team sticker on the rear window, and wears a bandana to look like a pirate or gang member.

2nd Stage

Kyoichi races againest Takumi in Akagi but Takumi's AE86 engine got blown up when he pushes the pedal to hard making Kyoichi win by default.

3rd Stage

Takumi invokes his rematch clause on Kyoichi at Irohazaka, but the race ended in a draw after Takumi refused to give in and let his Evo pass. For Kyoichi, a draw for the home party is equal to a victory for the away party (in this case, Kyoichi said that Takumi won the race despite ending in a draw).