Kyle Hovey is an antagonist in the Power of Five novel Nightrise.


He is an agent of the Nightrise corporation which regularly employs criminals and terrorists. Kyle Hovey could have been either before Nightrise.

Kyle Hovey was paired with Colton Banes in his exploits. The two men hated each other. But they grudgingly worked together.

Kyle and Colton were driving around a theatre in Reno, Nevada, in the United States of America, where they were sent to spy on Jamie and Scott Tyler, two young boys who were telepaths, and suspected two of the Five. Colton confirmed the suspicions that the boys were two of the Five, and said to Kyle today would be good.

The two men went for a drink, in mutual silence, as they hated each other.

Kyle Hovey and Colton Banes sat through the drama of Jamie and Scott's telepathy. The two men alone believed their powers were real because it was how they had been sent on the mission. Kyle briefly conversed with Jamie when Jamie asked for Colton's business card as part of the performance, Colton said nothing, not looking at Jamie, but Kyle said "He wants your card."

Kyle watched Jamie ask Scott onstage whom he and Colton worked for, and Scott said Nightrise corporation, which was astounding because he hadn't seen the card. But Colton wasn't bothered about this.

Afterwards, Kyle Hovey and Colton set about kidnapping the boys. After talking with and killing the uncle, Don, the two men ambushed Jamie and Scott backstage and tried to shoot them with tranquilizers. But Kyle, in his haste, ignored the dormant yet deadly dog which the boys had. He got in its way and the dog ripped open Kyle's arm.

Kyle and Colton still persisted in the chase and got away with Scott. They half-succeeded, but also in Susan Mortlake's words they half-failed. So, when Kyle and Colton were called in for debriefing, she explained that one of them had to kill the other. Kyle heard her apologize to Colton and he relaxed, thinking it was Colton who would be dead. But all Susan asked was Colton to strangle Kyle. Kyle Hovey collapsed in his seat as Colton strangled him, saying "For what its worth you always were a bit of a loser."

Kyle Hovey had a pistol in his pocket but he didn't bother, knowing it was easier to be quickly killed rather than a drawn-out torture. Kyle Hovey was later taken for cremation.