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Kyle Broflovski is a character in the hit TV show South Park. Though he is usually a protagonist, a fictionalised version of him appears in the episode "Woodland Crittters Christmas" as an antagonist in the eponymous story that Eric Cartman reads to the 4th Grade class.


In the story, Kyle is captured by the Woodland Critters, who are seeking a vessel for the Antichrist; the requirements being that the person must not have been christened (as Kyle is Jewish, he is the perfect candidate). After Stan returns with the Mountain Lion Cubs, he finds that he is too late, as the Antichrist has been born, and Kyle is about to become the Antichrist's vessel. However, Santa arrives and brutally slaughters the Critters before they can carry out their plan. Much to the horror of Stan, Santa and the Lion Cubs, Kyle willingly steps up and absorbs the Antichrist. He then begins gleefully talking about how now, with his newfound power, the Jews will be able to take over the world.

After a brief interruption by the real Kyle, the fictional Kyle realises that he doesn't want the Antichrist inside of him, begging Stan to help him. Santa prepares to shoot him, but Stan intervenes, having the Lion Cubs perform an abortion on Kyle's ass, allowing Santa to kill the Antichrist. Kyle apologises for his actions and the story seemingly ends happily ever after... except for him, who later dies of AIDs (much to the anger of the real Kyle).


Originally, Kyle acts more or less like his real-life counterpart. However, after being saved from the Critters, he reveals a maniacal. evil agenda, deliberately absorbing the Antichrist in order to dominate the world. However, he quickly regrets his decision, reduced to frantically crying for help.