Kyle Knight is a supporting antagonist in Piranha 3DD.

He was portrayed by Chris Zylka.


Kyle is a police officer and Maddy's ex-boyfriend. He first runs into Maddy at a party at the water park that she co-owns with her stepfather, Chet, and has sex with her that night. After a swarm of piranhas attack Maddy and Shelby, Kyle, Maddy and Barry report the situation to Mr. Goodman, who explains to them that the piranhas are entering the park via underground water pipes. It is later revealed that Kyle is actually working for Chet and is ordered to keep Maddy quiet about Chet's plans. He even helps Chet prevent Maddy from shutting down the water park, but when the piranhas invade said park, he refuses to help Maddy due to his fear of piranhas, and winds up being killed by a falling trident.