Kyle and Salty Mike are the main antagonists of the Cartoon Network series Squirrel Boy. They are voiced by Billy West and Carlos Alazraqui, respectively.


Kyle Finkster is a rowdy little brat who likes to bully Andy Johnson. He and Salty Mike first appeared in "Scout's Dishonor", where he was in the Badger Scouts and got Kyle got Andy into trouble for the crimes he did. They moved into Andy and Rodney's neighborhood due to Kyle's father being part of the Witness Protection Program. Kyle seems to like using hammer or hammer-type things to cause damage to property. It seems that they like to purloin things, for instance in "Up All Night", he and Salty Mike were stealing lawn ornaments. In "Harried Treasure", they would take all of the treasure from Rodney and Andy. It also seems that Kyle never learns anything from his mistakes. Kyle seems to get easily annoyed and angered, often stating things that make him mad.

Salty Mike

Salty Mike is Kyle Finkster's pet. He is a green Latino parrot who is shown to be smarter than his owner (an evil genius), often coming up with the evil schemes. He is also the archenemy of Rodney. His wings are clipped, which he is embarrassed about, and as such, cannot fly; unlike normal parrots, he does not repeat what others say. He and Rodney tried to help their respective friends (Rodney helped Andy and Salty Mike helped Kyle) do better in the Badger Scouts. Salty Mike entered a Manzio pet shampoo contest and lost because he had feathers instead of hair (he took the Manzio's wig off). In "Islands in the Street", he and Rodney got trapped on an island. When Kyle's nails overgrow, Salty Mike has to clip them off, so he is sometimes Kyle's servant. Kyle is shown to care about his pet.


  • Kyle have cousin who is never mentioned.
  • Salty Mike often speaks Spanish "oh-gracia".