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Kwiz Kid

Kwiz Kid

Kwiz Kid is a villain from the Teen Titans media. He does not appear in the show. Instead he appears in the comics that are based on the show, called Teen Titans Go!.

Kwiz Kid first appeared in the Teen Titans Go! comic Pop Quiz. He kidnaps Kitten and the Titans defeat him after they solve the riddles and quizzes that are spread around the city. He later appears in the comic, When Chibis Attack, another Teen Titans Go! comic. He later joins Psimon's team of villains called the Fearsome Five in the Teen Titans Go! comic of the same name where he fought the Titans again and lost.

Kwiz Kid has the power to make quizzes and riddles pop up all over places and if the person gets the answers wrong than they cause harm. He is very similar to the villain, The Riddler, from the Batman series.

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