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Kwan is an Asian American football player and Dash Baxter's best friend who is often seen with Dash . He like Dash often bullies Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson and all other unpopular kids around.


Kwan is a 9th grader and a member of the football team just like Dash. Kwan along with Dash Paulina Star and Valerie Gray make up the popular kid group. Dash and Kwan spend most of their time in the series bullying Danny Fenton Tucker Foley Sam Manson and all other kids however they are mostly seen picking on Danny: shoving him into lockers, giving hi wedgies etc. and is very antagonistic about it whenever he bullies him however Kwan is never seen bullying Danny alone either Dash alone or the complete duo. however while he may be antagonistic he does have a softer side unlike Dash, Kwan is more nicer to the unpopular kids then than Dash or the other unpopular kids at Casper High.

Role in Danny Phantom


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