kuuya's Avu-Kamuu

Kuuya is a villain from the visual novel and anime series Utawarerumono.

She ends up becoming frineds with Hakuoro after they met , when Hakuoro says the name of his god  Witsuarunemitea she tells him not to say that name to her again and says that it is the Nuguisomu-kami(god of misfortune) and that her god is the Onbitaikayan. She is the The empress of Kunnekamun. She is very inexperienced at leading her country.

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She will do anything for several and prosperity of her race the Shakukoporu even if means going to war which she does not like.  When Hakuoro goes to stop her war she says the other races don't want to live among her race and she ends up trying to take his life with her Avu-Kamuu but Hakuoro beats it and she surrenders after pulling out a knife than Dii appears and she orders Hauenkua and hien to arrest him and hien tells her they can no longer follow her orders. Hauenkua tries to kill her but misses. After Genjimaru attacks Dii to free her from having the power of the Avu-Kamuu and to live freely as she wishes Dii takes his takes his life for violating his pact, also flames perfection falls on her kingdom. She ends up having a mental break down which causes her to regress to the mentally of a small child.