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I've used these little beauties many times to extract information. For the first time in my life, I'm gonna do it just for the fun!
~ Kurt Zagon to captured Nico Toscani

Kurt Zagon is the main antagonist in the 1988 film Above the Law.

He is portrayed by Henry Silva.


Zagon is a corrupt CIA interrogator and opium rancher who deals in drug smuggling, and he intends to use the money he earns from his illegal activities to fund an invasion of Nicaragua. During his tenure in the CIA, the government did not closely monitor the CIA's activities, leaving Zagon free to conduct criminal enterprises and commit war crimes without repercussion.

Zagon is cold, intimidating, and used to getting his way without any fuss. When conducting chemical interrogations however, he becomes a brute, addressing his subjects with mean-spirited intimacy. His unchecked power and influence has made him a decadent monster with no qualms about torturing, maiming, and killing his victims, regardless of their age or sex.


During Vietnam, Detective Sergeant Nico Toscani, who also works for the CIA, first encounters Zagon during his chemical interrogation of two POW's, which results in one prisoner's death. When Nico realizes the interrogation is about stolen opium and not military intelligence, Nico confronts Zagon and is forced to leave the CIA for his meddling. Senator Ernest Harrison also becomes involved with Zagon and tries to expose his undercover operations, and in response Zagon plans to kill him.

Nico sets out on his own to bring down a group of drug dealers and discovers that they are connected to Zagon. Nico finds Zagon and a gunfight ensues, with Nico killing many of Zagon's henchmen. Zagon flees but later confronts Nico and Nelson Fox, another corrupt operative who worked with Nico, in a car park. Fox is killed but Nico manages to escape in a car, with Zagon and his men in pursuit. They successfully halt Nico in his tracks and torture him, but despite being drugged by Zagon, Nico breaks free and kills all of his captors. When only Zagon himself remains, Nico grabs him and breaks his arm, then gets him in a tight headlock before snapping his neck, finally killing him.