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Kurosaki is the main antagonist in Tuxedo Gin. He was the criminal responsible for Ginji's original death, only for him to be reincarnated as a penguin.

In the story, Kurosaki was first shown encountering Ginji on his motercycle and tried to face him. At the bridge, he successfully killed Ginji and had Minako kidnapped by the other members of his gang, as well as being arrested. Throughout the story, his gang was often seen trying to fight Mushashi. In the final volume, Kurosaki got released from prision and decided to go after Minako again. After attacking Yashashi and kidnapping Minako, Kurosaki gave Mushashi a message to meet him at the pier at 3 P.M. During the final confrontation, after Gin-Chan attacked him with an upper-cut, Kurosaki attempted to kill both of them with his truck. However, only Gin-Chan was killed and that the truck fell into the ocean. In another realm, Kurosaki was slaughtered by someone that looked exactly like him.

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