Kurokish Bullblack is a warrior and a character from the 1998-9 Super Sentai series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. A warrior from the world of Taurus, he relentlessly pursues the Baluban, after they destroyed his home-world and killed his little brother, Krantz.

Off-screen history

In one episode of Gingaman, Bullblack tells Ryouma (Ginga Red) that he is after the Baluban after they invaded his home planet of Taurus and killed Krantz, his little brother, before they completely destroyed Taurus and all its people. He criticizes the Gingamen's fighting style of destroying the Baluban, while ensuring the people never get hurt, to which Ryouma responds by saying that after he (Bullblack) has destroyed Baluban, he'll have nothing left to fight for.

Appearance in the show

As it was with Burai of Zyuranger and Kou of Dairanger, Bullblack made his debut in episode 17 of his respective series. Around this time, the first general of Baluban, Sanbash, had been murdered for failing to find the Lights of Ginga and repeatedly failing to kill Gingaman.


  • His appearance becomes the basis for his Power Rangers counterpart Magma Defender.