Kurojaki is a villain in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. He is Tesshin's father and the leader of the legendary Kogas who are on the war with the Iga clan. Their mission for many generations was to steal the secret scrolls of the Iga clan. Kurojaki was once captured and kept by a human who was Wilson's owner to be used in the circus, thus his collar (in the anime, the collar was missing). However, Kurojaki as a wild dog could not stand the circus life that he killed Wilson's son Londo and kidnapped his mate Lean who was also eaten. Kurojaki uses a scythe as weapon to kill many Iga dogs with it before taking the bodies to be eaten. When Akame enters Kurojaki's territory, Kurojaki is notified of their plans from his minion, Maya. He and his Kogas surround Akame's group (Akame, Gin, Kirikaze and Jinnai). In the following fight with Akame and Gin, he loses his right eye because he was struck by his own weapon. In the end after losing to Gin and his group, Kurojaki commits suicide by jumping into the flames to save the scrolls when the Iga house was set on fire by Akame to end the feud between the clans. He died like a true ninja, died for his 'mission'.