Kunivas was a Klingon villain from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Heart of Glory.

He was played by Robert Bauer.


In 2364 Kunivas became disillusioned by the state of the Klingon Empire after the Empire allied with the United Federation of Planets. Wanting to live as what he considered a true Klingon warrior, Kunivas became allied with Captain Korris and Lieutenant Konmel - fellow officers who felt as he did.

Working with Korris and Konmel the three stole the old Talarain freighter Batris. Marooning the crew the three took the Batris to seek out opportunities to become true warriors. The Klingon ship IKS T'Acog was sent to bring them back and engaged them in combat. The three managed to destroy the T'Acog when they lowered shields to engage transporters, however Kuinvas was severely injured in the process.

The trio was soon rescued by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). Taken to sickbay Kunivas was in critical condition, with Dr. Crusher working to stabilize him. However she was unable to do so and his condition took a turn for the worse. Korris was informed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard that their fellow officer's injuries were beyond their medical abilities to treat. Back in sickbay, Korris, Konmel, and Lieutenant Worf performed the Klingon death ritual for Kunivas as he died, warning the dead that Kunivas was going to be joining them. Dr. Crusher asked if there was any funeral arrangements they would like for Kunivas, but Korris said the body was only an empty shell and to treat it as such.

Konmel soon let it slip that it would have been more honorable if Kunivas had died facing actual enemies. The pair admitted to Worf that along with Kunivas they had stolen the freighter and instead of the Ferengi they had told Picard they had fought they had actually destroyed the Klingon ship sent to bring them back. Captain K'Nera's ship soon arrived in the area and K'Nera explained to Picard that the trio of Klingons they had rescued were all renegades and that he was sent to bring them back home for proper punishment. The Enterprise crew arrested both Konmel and Korris, but the two were soon killed attempting escape.