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Kung Führer is the main villain in the Swedish parody short Kung Fury.

In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler has become a master martial artist, dubbing himself as the "Kung Führer". As part of his goals to conquer the world, he travels to the future of 1985 in order to bait "The Chosen One" known as "Kung Fury" into a battle with the intent to defeat him and thus wrest the powers of the Chosen One for himself.

However he had not counted on Kung Fury himself travelling through time back to just before he finished the speech to his troops where he announced his new title as the Kung Führer. Seeing his troops defeated by Kung Fury and his friends, including the gigantic Norse God Thor, Kung Führer tried to cozy up to Fury, citing their similarities as martial artists. Thor used his hammer to seemingly pound the Führer out of existence.

Shielded at the last second by a golden robotic eagle, Kung Führer was transported to a slightly altered 1985, swearing vengeance upon The Chosen One.


  • The Kung Führer is played by Jorma Taccone.
  • The first time he appeared in 1985 was an allusion to and parody of Terminator's arrival in the first movie, although fully clothed.