Krusivax 001

In his first appearance Krusivax forged an alliance with Vandal Savage, who had a plan to sink a good portion of the populated Earth and rule over the people who would be forced, via genetic engineering, to live underwater. Krusivax was able to capture and imprison Dr. Phillip Curry from the Tri-Dent industry, in order for him to recreate the serum that he made to save his son, but Curry refuses saying that his son is dead.

Krusivax, with help of the Human Flying Fish, capture Aquaman to copy his DNA. However, Arthur escapes with his father, but Savage activates a bomb in the complex and releases Mother Skorpa to stop them. Krusivax and Vandal Savage fled the area in a plane; Arthur stops them and throws out Savage, controlling Krusivax's mind and making him set the plane on auto-destruct mode then jumps into free fall while the plane explodes. Krusivax's fate is unknown.

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