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Kronos (sometimes spelled as Chronos or Cronus) is a major figure in Greek mythology.


According to Greek Mythology, Kronos (aka Cronus, or Saturn in Rome) was the youngest of the Titans, the twelve children of Gaia (the earth) and Ouranos (the sky). As the story goes, Gaia was upset that Ouranos cast her children, the cyclopes and the Hundred-handed ones into the pit Tartarus, so she commanded her children to take the Bronze Scythe and kill Ouranos and set them free. Kronos took it, castrated and killed his father, and took over, but didn't free the Cyclopes or Hecatonchires (the hundred-handed giants). Kronos knew one of his children would be his downfall, as he was that of his father before him, so whenever one of his children was born, he would swallow it. Gaia planned his downfall and told Kronos's wife, Rhea, to decoy Kronos with a stone and take the baby, who was Zeus, and hide him.

As the story goes, Zeus grows up, creates a drink that forces Kronos to vomit up his older siblings, frees the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires from Tartarus, gets aid from one of the Titans named Themis and her son Prometheus, and engages Kronos and the the rest of the Titans in the Titanomachy for ten years. Zeus and his allies win, and Zeus chops Kronos with the Bronze Scythe and casts him into Tartarus.

Powers and Abilities

Kronos was the most powerful Titan ever. He was as powerful as any of his sons (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades). Note: the latter are assumptions based on his domain, as in surviving greek theogonous texts his powers are not described.

Chronokinesis: Kronos could control the effects of time, even when he was imprisoned in Tartarus.

Chlorokinesis: Kronos was the Titan of Plants and Agriculture.

Atmokinesis: Being the Lord of Heavens, Kronos had that ability, though it was probably lesser compared to Zeus.

Raw Strength and Stamina: Being a Titan, Kronos was physically strongest of the Titans, only surpassed by Atlas.

Psychological Manipulation: Kronos was said to be the Crooked One, because he used a lot of cunning and deceit to win support.

Scythe: Kronos's Scythe was one of the most powerful weapons ever. It could instantly kill any lesser being, destroy the bodies of Immortals and could desroy their sentiences. It was powerful enough to kill Ouranos, a protagenos.

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