Krome Keeper is a boss from Pac-Man World. He is the penultimate boss of the game, who rules over the Pac-Dot Factory world. He is tasked by Toc-Man to defeat Pac-Man before he can reach Toc-Man's Lair on Ghost Island.


Krome Keeper is a run-of-the-mill robot. He is brown and gray in color and is humanoid in shape. He does not move around, only kicking boxes at Pac-Man from afar.


Krome Keeper is fought at a distance; Pac-Man cannot attack him directly, as there is a trench separating the two. Instead, Pac-Man must utilize the machinery of the factory and turn it against the robot. Krome Keeper will kick two types of boxes at Pac-Man; metal and wooden. The metal ones explode on contact and deal damage to Pac-Man. The wooden ones contain Chrome Suit power-ups. Using the power-up, Pac-Man becomes invincible to the steam that rises from the buttons on the factory floor. However, while wearing the Chrome Suit, Pac-Man risks being picked up by the overhead magnet crane, which will drop him into the pool of green liquid if he is caught. After pressing all of the buttons, the Krome Keeper will be damaged by a falling piece of metal. Repeating this enough times will cause the Krome Keeper to collapse, defeated.