A Krockolor is a hostile blob-like creature known to repaint objects black. They are living creatures hit by Kroodle's black magic. The only word they say is "Black". They are territorial minions from the animated TV special, Louie and the Rainbow Fairy, based on the 2005 animated series Louie the Rabbit.


One was shown in the opening of the special when Louie and Yoko are playing in the meadows. Louie attacked it with his crayons and the Krockolor was actually the Blue Knight. Later on, the Blue Knight and a squirrel explain that they are evil creations caused by Kroodle.

Upon reaching Kroodle's castle, lots of Krockolors start to attack Louie, Yoko, and the Blue Knight. Many of the Krockolors turned into animals and Louie gave some of them a crayon to defeat the hostile creatures.

Upon confronting Kroodle, Yoko and the Blue Knight were turned into Krockolors. After giving the Rainbow Fairy a magic wand that was drawn by Louie, she was able to restore all of the colours with her wand, causing all the Krockolors turned back into normal creatures.