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Krizblack is Despero's right-hand and a minister of the Legion of the Third Eye.


Krizblack who was from his home planet of Kalanor, was loyal to his lord, and somewhat surprised that people would oppose it.He always served as the minister of the Legion of the Third Eye and chief advisor to his leader.

He was present at the arrival of the failed leutinant Franzee who was banished by Despero to "repent" and fast in Kalanor's harsh desert in which he did and never returned alive.

He and the rest of his fellow cult members watched in awe as the true Py'tar revealed itself. He and his people were redeemed by the Py'tar when they reject Despero's ways as the Legion of the Third Eye was no more, and now he and the former cult members along with the Kalanorian Resistance movement working together to care for the newly-restored Kalanor.

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