Kristen Richards is one of the two main antagonists in Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (the other being Elena Sandoval).

She is portrayed by Dina Meyer.


Kristen Richards is the local probation officer at Blue Bay. She first appears at a sexual education seminar with physician Dr. Chad Johnson to discuss sex crimes, and reveals that she herself was raped years ago. Later on in the story, when Elena claims to have been raped by Jay (Marie's stepfather), Kristen doesn't buy it because Elena used a line that Kristen's rapist told her during her own experience: "You won't remember, but you'll never forget". Together, she and Detective Michael Morrison search Elena's trailer and find out that she has been gathering intel on Kristen's rape. They then manage to catch Elena and charge her to get Marie to confess to killing Chad in exchange for lessening the charges. They listen to the whole thing via wiretap, and when Elena fails to get a confession out of Marie, Kristen shoots Marie while Elena takes off with the diamonds. At the end of the film, Kristen and Elena are revealed to be mother and daughter, and that Jay was Kristen's rapist and Elena's biological father (Elena was born out of the rape), which makes her Marie's stepsister.


  • Though Marie was the protagonist villain of this film, Kristen and her daughter, Elena, are the true main villains because they orchestrated the plot and had bigger plans than Marie.