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Krimzon Guard

The Krimzon Guard was Baron Praxis' military at Haven City in the Jak & Daxter series.



Baron Praxis betrayed Damas and sent him to the Wasteland. Praxis founded the KG to heavily protect Haven City from threats such as the Metal Heads and the Underground.


As the leader of the Metal Heads re-emerged, the Baron died at Kor's hands. Thus, the KG were in disarray.


The remnants of the KG were found in the KG Death Bots after the death of the Baron. Most of the original KG converted into the Freedom League.

Notable KG

  • Erol (Former commander)
  • Torn (Former captain)
  • Ashelin Praxis (Former captain)

Types of KG units

  • Guard
  • Elite guard
  • Captain
  • Commander


  • "I've got suspicious activity in this sector."
  • "Suspect on foot!"
  • "Step away from the animal!"


  • The KG were voiced by Phil LaMarr and David Herman.

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