Do I LOOK like I'm in need of a psychological evaluation?
~ Krill, whilst wearing lipstick and women's clothing.

Krill is the secondary antagonist in the 1992 film Under Siege.

He is portrayed by Gary Busey, who also portrayed Mr. Joshua in Lethal Weapon.


Krill is the executive officer on board the USS Missouri. His most recent performance review by his captain states that he shows signs of mental instability and is unnecessarily hostile to his men, and indeed later proves he is perfectly content to drown his crewmen. Krill loathes Casey Ryback and seems insanely jealous of the Captain's high esteem for the lowly cook. He is quickly revealed to be in league with rogue CIA operative William Strannix.

Krill is generally mean and contemptuous to everyone he speaks to. In the Captain's presence, however, he is considerably more respectful and nervous.


Because of his status as the Missouri's XO, Krill is the reason Strannix is able to board and take over the ship, and to seize control of its nuclear missile defenses. Krill accomplishes this by pretending to throw a surprise birthday party for the Captain, bringing Strannix and his crew aboard disguised as entertainers and caterers. When Casey Ryback refuses Krill's orders to clear out of the kitchen, he provokes Ryback into assaulting him, then imprisons the cook in the meat locker (since nobody goes to the brig without the Captain's approval). When Strannix and his men take over the ship, Krill gleefully murders the Captain himself. In the heat of the takeover, Krill entirely forgets about Ryback's imprisonment, inadvertently leading to Ryback's escape and subsequent guerrilla war against the terrorist team.

As Strannix and Krill prepare to offload the Missouri's nukes, Ryback escapes and uses sabotage and guerrilla tactics on the terrorists to sow chaos and disorder, thin out their numbers, and ruin their escape plans. To draw him out into the open, Krill seals his crew in the forecastle and turns on the fire sprinklers, knowing that Ryback will try to save them from drowning.


Krill’s demise.

When the nukes are loaded onto Strannix's stolen submarine, Krill boards the sub and tries to make his escape. By this time, however, Ryback has freed the crew and taken control of the Missouri's cannons. With the crew's help, Ryback uses the cannons to blow up the sub, killing everyone on board, including Krill.