Do you know why we Makuta hate Toa so much? It's because you are what we could only pretend to be, once upon a time... heroes who do good for no reward. And so we call you fools, and even slay you... because we could not be you.
~ Krika to Tahu Nuva.

Krika is one of the antagonists in the BIONICLE series. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was also in charge of monitoring the northern region of the Northern Continent of the Matoran Universe.


Krika was brought into being about 100,000 years ago by the Great Beings, using the 


During his scouting around the swamp, Krika overheard Takanuva informing the Toa Nuva and the Av-Matoran that the Energy Storms would strike once Mata Nui was reawakened, and that anybody who remained in the disaster zone would be killed. Immediately after hearing this, he then sped off towards the Makuta base to inform Antroz and the others to warn them that they are actually betrayed by their own leader. However, the other Makuta including Gorast did not believe him, believing him to be lying as Gorast berated him that she got involve into the mission to serve her master. Krika then gave the others an ultimatum as he prepares to leave Karda Nui as he coldly warned Gorast that their mission will led them to their eventual fate. Suddenly, Gorast went into a maddened rage as she called Krika a traitor before lunging towards him and attack him. The two Makuta then viciously fought with each other while Antroz and the others did nothing but watch. Although at first it seems that Krika was putting up a fight, but Gorast gained an upper hand as she disarmed his Nynrah Ghost Blaster and blasted him towards the edge of the cliff. Enraged, Krika then attempt to attack Gorast but Gorast destroyed his body with her blaster as he then fall down from the cliff and he perished. 


I am doing something a Makuta never does -- i am offering mercy. Flee, Gali! Leave this place, go anywhere in this universe, but do not stay in Karda Nui!
~ Krika to Gali Nuva.

Compared to the other Makuta who were evil, selfish and destructive, Krika was completely a surprisingly different being; is that he have a sense of morality and honor, which make him sympathetic, trustworthy, and honorable. He also shows mercy and compassion to his enemies and often respected their abilities. 

Krika does not have an interest in The Plan as he believed that nothing good would come out of Teridax's plans if it succeeded, though he was forced to assist in his plans as he realized that nothing good would happen to him

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  • Krika was Greg Farshtey's favorite Mistika
  • Based on his actions throughout the storyline, Krika was the only Makuta to have a merciful and honorable personality, compared to Teridax. Whereas Teridax was a being of pure evil, Krika shows mercy and compassion to others even though he commited atrocities towards the others. His personality also clashed with Gorast's; whereas Krika did not get along Teridax's plan well because he have been aware of Teridax's plan, Gorast was a fanatical and devoted follower of Teridax as she was willing to follow up his plan even if she was about to sacrifice her life for the sake of the Plan.
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