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Krika Set
Krika is one of the antagonists in the BIONICLE series. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta and serves as the high-ranked Makuta. He is also in charge of monitoring the northern region of the Northern Continent of the Matoran Universe.

After quite sometimes later, he was corrupted when Makuta Teridax overthrew Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood and took over the organization as he was the last to join him when he demanded the Convocation. However, despite his corruption, Krika still retained his code of honor and morality, thus making him more sympathetic, trustworthy, and honorable compared to the other Makuta. 



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  • Based on his actions throughout the storyline, Krika was the only Makuta to have a merciful and honorable personality, compared to Teridax. Whereas Teridax was pure evil and sinister in nature, Krika shows mercy and compassion to others even though he commited atrocities towards the others. His personality also clashed with Gorast's; whereas Krika did not get along Teridax's plan well because he have been aware of Teridax's plan, Gorast was a fanatical and devoted follower of Teridax as she was willing to follow up his plan 

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