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Rodin Krick, better known as Krick, is a minor villain in the DC animated show The Zeta Project. He is a cyborg bounty hunter who stalked Zeta and Ro for months finding out all he needed to capture Zeta and collect a bounty on him.

He then attacks both Zeta and Ro. However, the NSA gets in his way during the fight.

He manages to trap Zeta in a ware house at one point.

Knowing of his caring nature, he takes Agent Lee prisoner and waits for Zeta to rescue her. Zeta however fakes his own death to sneak past him. Before he could realize what happened Zeta freed Lee and Krick was arrested.

He later broke out of jail and chased down Zeta and Ro to an abandoned amuesment park. Zeta whoever got deactiveted so Ro had to keep him away from Krick. This time Krick just wanted him gone.

He interigated Ro, however, Zeta was able to reactivate and defeat Krick. He was then arrested again.