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"I love weapons. I love how they look... how they feel... even how they smell..."
~ Krew expressing his love for weapons.

Krew is a major antagonist of Jak II as well as a posthumous antagonist of Jak X: Combat Racing. He was the crime lord of Haven City and convinced Jak and Daxter to do his crime work.


Early life

Krew was born an obese man and crime lord in Haven City.

Haven City

At Haven City, Krew has been rivaled by fellow crime lord Mizo and he had a daughter named Rayn.

Meeting Jak

Krew met Jak and Daxter and employed them to do his work. Krew also gave Jak his first Morph Gun mod: the Scatter Gun.

Final Moments And Death

Krew had been helping the Metal Heads enter through Haven City by opening gateways, which made him double cross the Baron. He later confronted Jak at the KG War Factory, to which he explains his plans to Jak and gave him a gun upgrade to make him forget what he saw, to which Jak refuses to do so. Krew used his green mini clones to attack Jak. He later died by the explosion of the Piercer Bomb after Jak and Ashelin left him there.

Posthumous Messages

After Krew's death, he had posthumous messages for the Kras City Combat Racing Championship. He also poisoned all the drinks except for Rayn (whom he told her to pour no more than three seconds and she will not be affected, while the others get a full dose). He then talked about how he and Mizo wanted the same things in life, so they settled on a bet in order to avoid a costly gang war between one another. Whosever teams win will take the loser's criminal empire and the loser will "crawl back from the hole they came out of."


Krew is a greedy and obese crime lord.


  • Krew is voiced by William Minkin.